Always True Bible Study by James MacDonald

Unstuck: Bible Study Workbook


Unstuck Bible Study Book includes six small-group sessions, applicable Scripture, and a “How to Use This Study” section. It also provides personal-study content and learning activities five days a week.

We’ve all been there. Things are not changing, are not getting better, or may even be getting worse. You can get stuck in a pattern of thinking or in a place of temptation. You can feel mired in your marriage. You can be depressed. And getting unstuck isn’t easy, especially when you feel emotionally bogged down.

God has given us His Word to meet us where we are. He sees we are stuck and wants to give us traction. He knows we’re lost and wants to rescue us. He never wants to leave us in a condition that doesn’t reflect His plans for us.

Use this study to discover God’s ever-present help for people who are stuck, feel stuck, or have already gained traction and want others to benefit from the biblical principles that set them free.

• Six small-group sessions
• Personal-study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth

•  Find help for dealing with your own struggles and be equipped to sense and respond with compassion to the struggles of others.
• View negativity from God’s perspective and learn to identify the telltale signs that it’s operating.
• Get traction when you feel stuck in depression, marriage, sexual sin, fear, and negativity.
• Realize that repentance is the first step in change and identify concrete actions for getting unstuck.