Foundations II DVD Series

Foundations II DVD Series


We all see it ... our culture is in immense decline.

The good news? If your life is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, you're not going down—regardless of what is happening around you.

Join James MacDonald in this important series as he shares six fundamental truths of Christianity. From biblical authority to our view about God and salvation, learn to prioritize what matters most—because if we lose the foundations, we lose everything.

Messages included:

  • Foundation #1 - Part 1: The Final Authority of Scripture
  • Foundation #1 - Part 2: The Application of Biblical Authority
  • Foundation #2: God the Father
  • Foundation #3: The Foundations of Righteous Governance
  • Foundation #4: The Salvation Foundation
  • Foundation #5: The Greatest of All Time
  • Foundation #6: How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit