Stewardship Study Guide

Stewardship Study Guide

Study Guide

“Great! Another study on money from the church. Get out your wallet!”

It doesn’t matter where you come from, when it comes to the topic of stewardship, many people in the church today are cynical. Before you make a decision about this study, you need to know this study isn’t about stewarding your finances.

It’s about stewarding your life.

Stewardship impacts much more than your wallet and just as following Jesus means more than wisely using your bank account. Jesus doesn’t want your money—He wants you.

Stewardship has everything to do with seriously considering this question: What are you doing with your life?

What significant purpose are you giving your life to? God has some expectations for how you use your life. Are you using your time wisely? Where are you spending your talents this week? Are you giving to God like you mean it?

All these questions fall under the Bible’s teaching on stewardship. Stewardship is God’s method for running things here on earth, and He invites you to be part of His work here.