Risen for the Nations - DVD Series

Risen for the Nations - DVD Series


It’s time to take care of what’s on God’s heart.

When the God of the universe makes a declaration, He does so with absolute certainty. And in declaring that He would be “exalted among the nations,” God set forth His plan for all time. Our Heavenly Father has a very specific agenda—and it’s our job to carry it out.

Join Pastor James in this series as he plugs into God’s plan for the world. Follow along as he travels to five different countries, shining the light of our Risen Savior in some of the darkest places on Earth.Experience the power that comes from getting on God’s agenda, and learn how He takes care of what’s on our heart when we take care of what’s on His.

Messages in this series:

  • · Jesus’ Final Command (Israel)
  • · Getting on God’s Agenda (Malaysia)
  • · The Glorious Church of Jesus Christ (Nepal)
  • · On Mission for Jesus Christ (Kenya)
  • · How You Can Impact the World (Haiti)