Uncommon Leadership Bible study Workbook by Harvest Bible Chapel and James MacDonald

Uncommon Leadership 201 Study Guide

Study Guide

It’s not just who you lead. It’s Who you follow.

Uncommon Leadership 201 builds on the foundation of Uncommon Leadership 101. As leaders, we are teaching God’s people “to observe all that [Jesus] commanded” (Matthew 28:19–20), and this dynamic training will take you to the core doctrines for building disciples. Learn how your leadership flows from the authority of God’s Word, the power of your identity in Christ, and the process of change in uncommon community.

In Uncommon Leadership 101, we focused on how you lead. Now it’s time to focus on why you lead. This study addresses what motivates and makes an uncommon leader. As you know, fruitful leadership isn’t something you order online; it’s grounded in pursuing Jesus Christ and embracing His Word. Beyond that, a fruitful leader understands the divine cooperative of God’s power working in us.

Get equipped to pursue a grace-filled, authentic leadership culture in your small group. Training disciples “to be equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16–17) is a significant calling and Uncommon Leadership 201 will take you to the next level in leading those whom God has entrusted to you.