Authentic Newness - DVD Series

Authentic Newness - DVD Series


Every appearance after his resurrections proves Jesus can take anything dead, disappointing, and empty of hope and make it new. Listen as He speaks, and let Him lift you up with the same power that raised Him from the dead.

There is only one place to turn for new life, only One who has power over whatever you are facing. Bring your fear, discouragement, doubts, and destitute life to Jesus; He can make all things new. In these final chapters of John, you will find Him moving toward you and offering His life-transforming power. Like every person He appeared to post-resurrection, you can discover practical ways to lift up your head, recognize His presence, and embrace His power to bring newness to your life.

Messages Included:

  • 1) Authentic Newness
  • 2) New Power for the Discouraged
  • 3) New Power for the Fearful
  • 4) New Power over Doubts
  • 5) New Power for the Destitute
  • 6) New Power for the Divided
  • 7) New Power for the Distracted