Authentic Encounters - DVD Series

Authentic Encounters - DVD Series


Encounters with Jesus are life-altering. His words are perfect, His silence shocking. His submission, suffering, and sacrifice on the cross cannot be ignored. You must decide—are you with Him or against Him?

In these messages from chapters eighteen and nineteen from the Gospel of John, Jesus is confronted with multiple injustices. As He approaches the cross, every person He encounters is faced with a defining and eternity-altering decision. Let Pilate, Peter, Joseph of Arimathea, and others lead you to consider your relationship with Jesus. Will you turn away in fear, choose to serve men, or like Joseph, step forward to serve Him?

Messages Included?

  • 1) Why We Backslide and What to Do
  • 2) How to Handle Injustice
  • 3) Jesus Suffers for Me