Uncommon Leadership Bible study Workbook by Harvest Bible Chapel and James MacDonald

Uncommon Leadership 101 Study Guide

Study Guide

“Go therefore and make disciples.” Matthew 28:19

This is the mission Jesus gave His disciples two thousand years ago. It is the same mission to which He calls each of us today, as individuals and as a church.

Uncommon Leadership 101 is about equipping leaders to fulfill that mission.A comprehensive training anchored in the Word of God, this curriculum is for leaders in any discipling environment who want to be balanced, effective, and excellent in ministering grace and truth.

Regardless of your leadership role—whether you disciple men, women, a mixed group, students, or are equipping for biblical counseling—101 is for you.

Lean into it and find what it takes to be a fruitful and uncommon leader, effectively making disciples who thrive in uncommon community for the glory of God.

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Uncommon Leadership Study Guide - Six Sessions:

Session 1 - Uncommon Vision: Not a quantity of disciples but a quality of discipleship

Session 2 - Uncommon Leadership: Qualities of a fruitful leader

Session 3 - Uncommon Fellowship: Elements of a healthy small group

Session 4 - Uncommon Discernment: Knowing your people well

Session 5 - Uncommon Counsel: Speaking the truth in love

Session 6 - Uncommon Growth: Healthy multiplication of leadership and ministry