Authentic Revelation Part III

Authentic Revelation Part III

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Jesus came to save—with unlimited power. Is there anything so dead in you it cannot be made alive by the One called the Resurrection and the Life?

In these messages from chapters ten through twelve from the Gospel of John, Jesus’ mission is clear: He came that you may have life and have it abundantly. It’s time to let go of anxiety, anger, avoidance, and apathy, and accept Him for who He truly is— your Savior. He is the Door that brings you in to everlasting life, the Good Shepherd that guides and protects, and He is the only way you will find security, freedom and salvation.

Messages Included?

1: "Don't Show Me—Tell Me!"

John 10:1-21

2: A Salvation Self-Exam

John 10:19-42

3: Who Needs a Resurrection?

John 11:17-44

4: 5 Responses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

John 11:45-53

5: How to Bless the Lord

John 12:1-8

6: Counterintuitive Lessons from a King, Part I

John 12:9-26

7: Counterintuitive Lessons from a King, Part II

John 12:27-50