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We're reclaiming the word fellowship.

Because it’s not red punch and cookies in the church basement. Real fellowship is a powerful experience, based on active participation in a common interest and a commitment to living for one another. Fellowship is the heart of uncommon community, the very same force that was critical in holding the early church together, as “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship…” (Acts 2:42).

Some of the deepest joys in life flow from biblical fellowship, yet too many of us are settling for less or just plain missing out. Your small group is a natural place to cultivate uncommon community—the perfect environment to pursue and persevere in deep relationships based on following Christ.

Through this study we hope you will find a renewed passion for loving, serving, encouraging, forgiving, and other actions involved in belonging to one another and the body of Christ. It is our prayer that will only be the beginning, as we start experiencing community in its richest and most uncommon form.

A small group study inviting every member in your church into deeper fellowship with God and others.

Geared toward small groups, the one another mandates of Scripture are taught in a way that brings clarity on how to live out authentic fellowship.

What’s in It:

Each chapter focuses on specific Scriptures and drives application of those truths to everyday life. 

Session 1 – You Are Not an Island: The dangers of isolation and the power of community.

Session 2 – Love One Another: Grow in your understanding of biblical love and practically apply this to your daily lives.

Session 3 – Forgive One Another: Learn the importance of forgiveness for lasting,healthy, and biblical relationships.

Session 4 – Serve One Another: Serving is about “You before me.” What does this look like in the context of small groups?

Session 5 – Submit to One Another: Learn how humility fosters unity and how you can live this out in small groups.

Session 6 – Encourage One Another: Grow in your ability to both give and receive encouragement.

Session 7 – Be Devoted to One Another: See the power of belonging to the family of God and find your place in it.

How People Are Using It: 

  • Individual small groups choose this as curriculum.
  • Entire small group ministries in churches go through it to change the culture of their church.