Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups

Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups, 4-Part DVD Series

DVD set with Leader's Book
As Christians, we are a community of disciples.  The scripture says we "belong to one another."  So why don't we always behave like that?

Jesus intended for all of us to skillfully speak the truth in love and for the church to be the best place for counsel and care.  We have found most people get that, want to help, and yet feel inadequate to step in and fill the gap. 

Not anymore.  This training series practically and powerfully prepares small group members and leaders to care more intentionally.

Backed by biblical wisdom and over 30 years of counseling experience, Dr. Garrett Higbee's stirring four-part DVD series will transform the way you care for one another.  For small group leaders, small group members, and church counselors alike, Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups is more than a teaching series;  it's a life-changing, game-changing opportunity to come together in a Christ-centered, gospel saturated fellowship of believers.

A power-packed 4-part series with a new way to look at small groups as the front lines of soul care.

Equipping small group leaders, apprentices, and coaches with effective skills and tools to take discipleship and care to the next level.

What’s in It:

Each session contains 30 minutes of teaching,featuring Dr. Garrett Higbee, with powerful small group vignettes to illustratethe application of every lesson.

Session 1: Uncommon community is defined and demonstrated. A path is laid out to take your group from authentic tovulnerable.

Session 2: Small group leaders are taught how to discern the level of care someone needs. Great tools and practical skills make this a favorite session for many.

Session 3: Here we teach what it looks like to speak the truth in love. How do you approach someone when their issues are more based in pride as opposed to unbelief? What does it look like to provide hope and encouragement? This session will transform the way you counsel biblically.

Session 4: Intentional and loving care, advocacy,and strong leadership will accelerate discipleship and multiply ministry. Inthis session Dr. Higbee pulls it all together and sets the course for Uncommon Community in your church. 

How People Are Using It:

  • SG leaders and coaches watch it together in a small group.
  • SG leaders are teaching it to their members.

This series is designed to be accompanied by the Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups Participant Study Guide.