Biblical Soul Care for the Local Church

Biblical Soul Care for the Local Church, 18-Part DVD Series

DVD Series

We have found that the average Christian counsels several people a week in their circle of influence. The question is how biblical is their counsel? This foundational series in Biblical Soul Care was designed to equip any believer who wants to be more intentional and skilled in speaking the truth in love. We introduce a model of care that is highly effective because it mobilizes your people at different levels of skill and experience to support the pastor and any trained lay counselors. We attempt to shift the common paradigm that promotes churches with a biblical counseling department to a church of biblical counselors. Our distinct focus on in-depth life stories and mobilizing community in the helping process has had a transformative impact in churches around the country.

A compelling 18-part series to help you change the culture of care in your church.

A must for any ministry leader, especially pastors and aspiring counselors.

What’s in It:

Each session contains 30 minutes of teaching, featuring Dr. Garrett Higbee, with powerful vignettes to illustrate the application of every lesson.

Sessions 1-6: Help your church transition to an intentional discipleship culture. You will learn how authentic fellowship, advocacy, and drawing out the heart create the context for a church of biblical counselors.

Sessions 7-12: How is biblical counseling different than the secular model of care? How is the church the perfect place for sinners and sufferers to receive hope and help from the gospel? Skills and tools will be highlighted that will transform the way you counsel others with God’s Word.

Sessions 9-12: We will go deeper into understanding and speaking into the four main heart issues found in Scripture (Anger, Foolishness, Fear, and Despair) and their rootedness in pride and unbelief.

Sessions 13-18: We will touch on the most common advanced counseling issues – crisis counseling techniques, marriage & parenting conflicts, and addictions.Learn how to build a team using lay people and staff to pour into the lives ofyour most hurting people rather than a “defer and refer” model of counseling.

How People Are Using It:

  • Teaching it to leaders in a small group format.
  • In a large settings like adult bible fellowships.
  • Select sessions shown to small group members for personal growth.

This series is designed to be completed along with the Biblical Soul Care for the Local Church Workbook.

Note: There is a separate DVD series tailored directly to small group leaders that is a great next step for those wanting more directive counseling training.