When Life Is Hard

When Life Is Hard

Study Kit

Surrender to the Refiner's fire and come forth as gold. To be refined, gold must be melted so that impurities can rise to the surface and be removed. God uses a similar method to purify believers who submit to His refining work in their lives. And it all starts in the crucible of suffering.  This six-session study is anchored in the scriptural truth that God disciplines all of His children, using trials to train us for our good and for His purposes. James MacDonald brings clarity to what trials are, how they differ from the consequences of sin, and why God allows trials in believers' lives. You will discover principles for responding to trials in a way that submits to God's work in your life and seeks to glorify Him. You will also learn how to tap into the spiritual resources God provides to help you face your trials.


All children of God can be sure that trials are coming their way. But their hardships are raw materials in the hands of a mighty God who wants to work in their lives for their good. Believers can trust Him to burn away the impurities and to bring them forth as gold.




  • 6 video sessions on two DVDs
  • 1 workbook
  • 1 paperback version of When Life Is Hard

When Life is Hard (6Sessions):  
Shortest: 36:48
Longest: 45:25
Average: 41:33