Always True: God's 5 Promises When Life is Hard

Always True: God's 5 Promises When Life is Hard

James MacDonald

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God keeps His Word – every time.  Sometimes in life we are going along, doing all right; managing the ups and downs of our routines, when out of nowhere a boulder drops from the sky and crash lands on our lives. It might be a serious illness, a job loss, or something that just wasn't in the plan...But the weight is often sudden and crushing. We're desperate for help to come or we might not make it.  That’s the place in my life where the message of this book was born.  First, I sat down and gleaned the lessons from Scripture about life's trials that eventually became the book, When Life is Hard. But when life was hardest, I needed more than just lessons - I needed life support. I needed God’s promises. This book contains five promises God makes over and over, to every person of faith, in every generation. When you make these truths your own, they'll become intensely personal, incredibly practical, and profoundly reliable.

Softcover, 151 pages

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