Downpour: He Will Come To Us Like the Rain

Downpour: He Will Come To Us Like the Rain

James MacDonald

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You are headed toward an encounter with God that will soak you with more joy than anything you have known before.  In this book, James MacDonald writes, "Like me, maybe you've experienced some parched days in your relationship with God. Maybe you've had seasons where time alone with God was empty and dry."You--yes, you--can have a fresh downpour of God's grace and mercy upon your life. The hands that hold this book can feel a fresh surge of energy to labor for our King. The eyes that see these pages can gaze in renewed wonder and awe upon the God who loves you. The heart beating within your chest this moment can pulse with renewed joy given by God in response to choices you make and actions you take. Honest! God is not reluctant; He is ready and willing." With boldness, penetrating insight, and candor, Downpour offers you an experience for which every heart longs.

Hardcover, 210 pages

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